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Code Editing in a Visual Platform

Visual Studio Code is a code editing programme that is free to download. It is available for Windows, iOS and other operating systems, providing a visual way to work with code.

A Programmer's Delight

The intuitive way in which Visual Studio Code works belies its power for anyone who works with coding software of their own. There are four parts to the programme. The first of these is Visual Studio Code's IntelliSense module which provides users with suggested completions that are based on variable types, function definitions and imported data. It is much more than a simple auto-complete function. Second is the debugging module which searches your code for potential pitfalls and even suggests solutions. It can be used to debug breakpoints and call stacks. The third module is called Git and this allows programmers to incorporate Git through the editor, for example, to review diffs and stage files. Lastly, there is a module that allows various extensions to be used with the platform. Although these a third-party extensions, they won't slow the editing programme down.

Editing Made Easy?

Although Visual Studio Code will be of help to those inexperienced with coding, perhaps Java programmers and so on, it doesn't offer a great deal of help visualising code for expert programmers. Having said that, the debug module is helpful for just about every type of coder.

Enhance Your Workflow with Visual Studio Code 1.78: Explore New Profile Templates and Themes

Built-in Profile Templates for Popular Programming Languages

The latest Visual Studio Code 1.78 release introduces built-in profile templates for Python, Java, data science, Node.js, and Angular. These curated profiles enable developers to personalize their VS Code experience for specific workflows, streamlining the development process.

Fresh Default Color Themes: Dark Modern and Light Modern

Visual Studio Code 1.78 also brings new default color themes to the table. Dark Modern and Light Modern replace the previous Dark+ and Light+ themes, offering a refreshing visual experience to users.

Improved Diff Algorithm and Deprecated Old Version

The update includes a new diff algorithm that provides better diffs in most cases but may be slower for some documents. While the old algorithm remains the default for now, plans are in place to transition to the new algorithm as the default while monitoring its performance.

Enhanced JavaScript Support in HTML Blocks

With the js/ts.implicitProjectConfig.strictNullChecks setting, developers can enable strict nulls for JavaScript within HTML blocks, improving code safety and reliability.

Introducing the Standalone Color Picker

Users now have the ability to launch a standalone color picker to insert and replace colors in their code effortlessly.

Individual Test Continuous Run Feature

Continuous Run can now be activated for individual tests, providing developers with greater flexibility and control over their testing process.

Drag-and-Drop Functionality for Videos and Images in Markdown Files

Visual Studio Code 1.78 allows developers to drag and drop videos into Markdown files and image files into Markdown cells of notebooks, streamlining the process of creating attachments.

TypeScript 5.1 Support

This release supports TypeScript 5.1, currently in beta, paving the way for developers to explore the latest TypeScript features.

Refined Inline Completion Feature

The inline completion feature has been revamped, fixing bugs and adding an Accept Line command. Accept Word now functions across lines, enhancing the usability of this feature.

Code Actions and Quick Fixes in Source Control Message Box

Developers can now access Code Actions and Quick Fixes directly in the Source Control message box, making it easier to address issues and make changes.


The latest snippet variable, CURRENT_TIMEZONE_OFFSET, returns the current timezone offset in either the +HHMM or -HHMM format.

Improved Accessibility for Screen Reader Users

Screen reader users can now exclude hints from a feature's aria-label to reduce redundancy through the "accessibility.verbosity.diff-editor" and "accessibility.verbosity.terminal" settings. Additionally, new audio cues have been implemented for a more user-friendly experience.

VS Code for the Web Supports Git Large File Storage (LFS)

Finally, Visual Studio Code for the Web now supports committing files to Git Large File Storage (LFS) in repositories hosted on GitHub, expanding its capabilities for web-based development.


  • Visualising code makes it easier for beginners
  • Good documentation to help get you going


  • Only one root command when configuring tasks
  • Folder management could be better

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Visual Studio Code for Mac

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 1.78
  • 3.7

  • Security Status

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